• T-Systems UK (T-Sys UK) appeared to have been reworking its presence with the opening of new headquarters in central London and a move to new premises in Milton Keynes.

T-Systems UK central London HQ

T‑Systems UK reworking its presence with new HQ

Source: Lachlan Gowen / Unsplash

The enterprise services unit now lists an address in Rathbone Place, Fitzrovia as its head office, with further office locations listed in Glasgow, Manchester, and Milton Keynes.

T-Sys UK also recently appointed Alison Dodd as its Managing Director, succeeding Christoph Rode (Deutsche Telekomwatch, #79). On LinkedIn, Dodd and Adel Al-Saleh, Chief Executive of T-Systems, were pictured cutting a magenta-coloured ribbon outside the new London office. Dodd was said to have indicated that T-Sys UK is undeterred by the possible ramifications of Brexit, hailing the opening of the London headquarters as a “reminder of T-Systems’ continual investment” in the UK and Ireland.