• T‑Mobile US (TMUS) updated its TestDrive customer acquisition scheme with an offering that enables users to evaluate its network for a longer period, and seemingly with less hassle.

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T-Mobile US updates its Test Drive customer acquistion scheme

Source: OOI JIET / Unsplash

The NatCo — which appears to be seeking to press home the benefits of its recent 600MHz-based 4G upgrade — is offering prospective customers 30 days’ free use of a mobile hotspot terminal before they decide whether to sign up to a plan.

TMUS debuted TestDrive in June 2014, in the fifth of its Un‑Carrier series of commercial strengthening tactics (DeutscheTelekomwatch, #32). Initially, the service enabled prospective buyers to use an Apple iPhone5s to take its network for a “data-intensive” spin, at no cost. However, the TestDrive only lasted seven days, and effectively required users to carry around two phones if they did not want to terminate their existing plan.