• New T‑Systems offering takes flagship track and trace app’s functionality onto a local level, to give business customers an early warning system for coronavirus infections.

DT takes Corona-Warn-App into B2B space

DT takes Corona-Warn-App into B2B space

Source: Mika Baumeister / Unsplash

T‑Systems introduced a service called Enterprise Protection System (EPS) for production and logistics facilities, which aims to detect and limit the spread of coronavirus infections among employees and prevent a large-scale outbreak from disrupting or shutting down operations.

The system combines functionalities of the Corona-Warn-App, developed by T‑Systems and SAP (Deutsche Telekomwatch, #93–#97), and SafeTag wearable devices from Internet of Things specialist KINEXON that use ultra-wideband (UBW) short-range wireless technology.

In work environments where smartphones are not allowed, employees wear the SafeTag devices to help them maintain safe distances between co-workers.

EPS is one of the “New Work” solutions in T‑Systems’ Digital Business Transformation category of services, which appear to be inspired by the COVID‑19 pandemic. Other New Work offers include the “T-Systems Health@Work” solution suite and Microsoft Teams quick start for businesses, to support remote workers.