• Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier (DTGC) flagged further expansion of work with fellow operators and technology partners on blockchain-based wholesale settlement processes. 

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Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier works with Clear and fellow operators on blockchain-based wholesale settlement processes

Source: Crissy Jarvis / Unsplash

The carrier services unit said technology from Clear, a distributed ledger application specialist, was being used as the basis for testing out automation of roaming settlements, alongside Telefónica, Vodafone, and the GSM Association. Clear claimed that, ultimately, blockchain technology “could deliver instantaneous and frictionless commercial roaming processes” — as opposed to the current set-up, where “once per year, roaming partners go through a highly complex and largely manual process to work out what they owe each other”.

No timeframe was provided for the trial programme, and it was not made clear how it fits with other blockchain-centred initiatives that have been bubbling up in the wholesale carrier sphere. For example, the ITW Global Leaders’ Forum, an organisation representing more than 25 international wholesale carriers, including DTGC, said in June 2019 that it was working towards the launch of a Communications Blockchain Network, leveraging distributed ledger technology to manage contract, agreement, settlement, payment, and dispute processes between operators (DeutscheTelekomwatch, #88).