• BT delivers commercial 5G campus network across 720 acres.
  • 5G testbed in the works.
  • Regional business innovation again in the spotlight.

University of Warwick unveils first public 5G campus

University of Warwick unveils first public 5G campus

Source: Warwick University

BT launched what it described as the “UK’s first” dedicated public 5G network for a connected campus at the University of Warwick, as part of an alliance with the university and Warwickshire County Council.

Fotis Karonis, Chief Technology & Information Officer at BT Enterprise, positioned the 5G campus commercial launch as the start of further collaboration, a sentiment endorsed by the university’s Chief Information Officer, David Plumb. Plumb added that the partnership will enhance teaching possibilities at the campus and improve student experience with esports capabilities, as well as facilitate regional business innovation.

“With the 5G network now live across the entire campus, we’re gearing up to accelerate the co-creation of innovative 5G use-cases.”  


On a commercial level, the facility enables EE to provide 5G coverage across 720 acres, marking a “first phase” of BT’s strategic alliance. Phasetwo, which does not yet have a due date, will see EE extend coverage across the university’s Creative& Digital Communities initiative. The university will be developing a 5G testbed for consumer and industry use-cases.

Creative& Digital Communities is a regional innovation hub, launched in October 2019, developing one incubator on the university’s campus, and another within nearby Leamington Spa’s ‘SiliconSpa’ gaming development cluster.

BT and its campus network partners hosted a series of streamed events for businesses in late-November 2020, focused on 5G use-cases in the creative and digital, health and wellbeing, and Industry4.0 verticals. In terms of extant partnerships between the pair, 5G is a common theme. With BT:

  • Having joined the university’s Warwick Manufacturing Group to demonstrate connected autonomous mobility (CAM) using a public 5G network to explore vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication scenarios and exchange live data feeds.
  • Working with the university’s School of Engineering to develop medical use-cases for 5G, including remote real-time care.