Opinion: Networks’ succession the final piece in recasting ‘New BT’

BT Neil McRae

Source: BT

Domineering Chief Architect understood to be moving on; ironically, next stop rumoured to be IT-land. (Departure not yet officially confirmed, but follows months of rumours.) Updated to include coverage of Neil McRae’s own chronicle of his time and achievements at BT.

  • BT has increasingly been stifled by Networks just doing its job (really well), when BT CFUs need much more.
  • Harbinger, presumably, of wider technology units reorg.
  • Potential triumph of Digital over Networks, following intense frustration at top of BT.
  • Openreach, led by tech-savvy insider Clive Selley, quietly does its own converged thing to show how it can be done; delivering quarterly on transformational success BT promises for the whole Group.

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