• Buendía Estudios elects Gayo Chair, with equal representation from Telefónica and co‑parent Atresmedia.
  • Telefónica influence through Movistar’s Oslé, Movistar Plus+’s Burzako, and HQ’s Navarro.

Telefónica‑backed content studio renews board

Telefónica‑backed content studio renews board

Source: Telefónica

Buendía Estudios, Telefónica’s Spanish‑language content joint venture with Atresmedia, inaugurated a new Board of Directors.

The changes saw two additional seats added to the board, with equal representation from the two co‑parents retained. Telefónica España President Emilio Gayo was elected Chair.

From Movistar Plus+, President Sergio Oslé and Chief Executive Cristina Burzako were appointed, alongside Telefónica Group’s Director of Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Eduardo Navarro. The four represent some of Telefónica’s big hitters, with two of the four — Gayo and Navarro — also sitting on the Group’s Executive Committee.

Board members from Planeta‑controlled Atresmedia are CEO Silvio González, Atresmedia TV General Manager Javier Bardají, Chief Financial Officer Fernando Costi, and Deputy Director of Content José Antonio Antón. González was named Vice‑Chair.

Ángeles López Lobatón was appointed General Secretary of Buendía Estudios. López is Director of Legal Counsel at Telefónica Audiovisual Digital, the content production and management subsidiary that oversees Movistar Plus+.

Spanish‑language content has been a point of interest for Telefónica in the past year, with Movistar Plus+ a particular proponent under both Burzako’s current leadership and that of her predecessor, Oslé, who described the Spanish‑speaking TV content market as a logical target for expansion.