• Former DT CEO Obermann gets Airbus Chairman job.

Deutsche Telekom alumni people movements, May 2020

Deutsche Telekom alumni people movements, May 2020

Source: Airbus

 Source: DT, various.



René Obermann


Former DT CEO René Obermann formally took over as Chairman of Airbus, after a long gestation period. Since leaving DT in 2013 he has held several Director and Non-Executive positions, including one at Telenor.


Irina Varlan


Irina Varlan was named Managing Director at GIGAEurope, the successor to Cable Europe that aims to bring together private operators for collaborative digital Europe efforts. Varlan was Attorney-at-Law at Telekom Romania until 2008, and Public Policy & Regulatory Director at UPC Romania until 2019.

Sapper Consulting

Matt Millen


Matt Millen, one-time VP of Business Sales at TMUS, was appointed Chief Growth Officer at US marketing firm Sapper Consulting. He led the TMUS national public sector sales team for five years from 2011.