• InfraCo launches Call Waiting List as part of analogue shutdown educational campaign.
  • Customers encouraged to sign up for guidance and advice on digital migration, in bid to hang up analogue lines by the end of 2025.

Openreach offers a hand in all‑IP migration

Openreach offers a hand in all‑IP migration

Source: Neonbrand / Unsplash

Openreach launched Call Waiting List, a newsletter campaign geared towards raising awareness of the impending shutdown of the legacy analogue phone network.

The public switched telephone network (PSTN) is scheduled to be scrapped by December 2025, with digital services installed in its place, and the Openreach campaign aims to educate businesses about the switch‑off while providing “recommendations” on the migration process.

James Lilley, Director of All‑IP at Openreach, hailed the list as an “important early step” in the retirement of analogue lines. It will provide guidance for businesses to “plan their upgrades effectively”, he added.

At present, the legacy analogue network supports a number of services such as building alarms, landlines, and lifts, with a total of 14 million lines still waiting to be “upgraded” as of May 2021. To reach its end‑2025 target, Openreach said it must migrate an average of 50,000 analogue lines a week.

Businesses that form part of the UK’s critical national infrastructure, such as security system operators, are among those that still depend on analogue lines. In an adjacent effort to encourage and enable an all‑IP migration, BT Enterprise security monitoring subsidiary BT Redcare released a digital alternative security product in early‑2021, branded Essential IP. Redcare says it has transitioned all of its products and services from PSTN to all‑IP (BTwatch, #321).