• Vodafone confirmed the closure of an Internet of Things (IoT) partnership with T‑Mobile US.

Vodafone partners with TMUS on IoT

Vodafone partners with TMUS on IoT

Source: Joshua Sortino / Unsplash

Vodafone confirmed the closure of an Internet of Things (IoT) partnership with T‑Mobile US.

A US‑based mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that Vodafone Business was running over T‑Mobile’s network was shuttered a “few years ago”, according to a Group spokesperson.

The MVNO was formed in 2014, with a high-profile announcement geared towards talking up Vodafone’s commitment to the US market after its exit from market-leader Verizon Wireless the previous year (Vodafonewatch, #131 and #139). However, the lack of subsequent updates on progress, and the formation of a connected‑car-focused strategic partnership with AT&T in 2019, had raised questions (Vodafonewatch, #173).

The spokesperson said that Vodafone’s US network relationships are currently roaming-based, and include the AT&T IoT services tie‑up.