• T‑Systems North America (T‑Sys NA) entered into a partnership with ValGenesis, a specialist in validation lifecycle management solutions (VLMS) for the life science sector. 

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T‑Systems North America enters into IIoT partnership with ValGenesis

Source: Jaron Nix / Unsplash

The deal aims to harness Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology to “expand and enhance our digital validation solutions”, said ValGenesis. The vendor said IIoT was becoming “extremely critical in pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing, where sub-optimal environmental conditions have often led to noncompliance”. The goal in pharma IoT, said the supplier, was to maximise transparency in drug manufacturing, storage, and logistics by allowing multiple sensors to monitor environmental indicators.

Jim Sabogal, Head of Healthcare & Life Sciences at T‑Sys NA, highlighted “value in compliance” through the use of IoT devices — which, he argued, improved adherence to regulations laid down by the US Food and Drug Administration, as well as lowering costs and improving productivity. “We look forward to other digital transformation initiatives through this partnership”, he added.